The Problem with the Streamboard and any Pages.

Update 1:

The Problem with the Server is now fixed! It works  ^---^

Hey why can i see no Streaminformation on the Streamboard?! What is wrong with it?


Since any time... Friday... the Second Server is crashed and have a destroyed Kernel. The Support works rly rly slow...  This is not rly good and im rly rly angry about it. But i cant do anything.  I need wait if they have repair it and i can repair the Dataserver from the Streamboard.



What is this... Dataserver?

The Dataserver is a Script, the Streamboards are connected with it and call him the Stream-Url. Then search the script the Information from the Stream and tell it back to the Streamboard.

Why on a server and not on SL?

Mhh.. LSL do not work with Shoutcast 1.9.9 and higher ... or Icecast. and no other way exist...

How long do i need waiting befor it works?

I hope this weekend will the support the work on the server ending.

What pages do not working?

Its a shame but the, and the do not working. 🙁



Sorry about the problems... i hope rly rly ... it is fixed rly soon :<  So i wait for backanswer from the Support...


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