[DF] Streamboard First Install

Thanks for buying the [DF] Streamboard – Music Stream Board

First you need to rez the Box on the ground from you own Parcel/Land. Then click on the right mousebutton  on it and search the “open” button. Click on it and you become a menu. Take the Stuff into your Inventory (not attach 😉 )

Now you can delete the old box and open your Inventory to search the new Folder. Open it. You can find 2 Streamboards. A small Version and a Bigger Version.  The Boards are all Mod, Copy no trans. (You see in your folder No mod no trans, this is normal, the Scripts are NO MOD but the Board self is mod!) Secondary you see a Cardmanager for your Manager and a sample DJ-Card and as last thing a Readme.

The First Install will begin!


Take the Stream what you want to the Ground of you Parcel/Land.


Then wait a half second and click on it. You become a Menu, Click on “Options” and the Menu switch to a other menu. Click here on “Reciver”


Now look on the top from the Board. When the board have Rezrights you can see the Reciver.

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