Allgemein Gatcha/Fair

GFR-hunt end party

Halloween party in our Event Area!

Live DJ's

# Xil
# Nɪᴀ Pᴀʏɴᴇ ᴠᴀɴ Nᴏᴏʙ




* You can win great prizes at Raffle.
* The high score list from Hunt is evaluated and the best
gets a great treasure!
We organize a costume contest where you can also win great prizes!

Come and have fun!
We look forward to seeing you!
The GFR team

Do not forget dear people, on 31.10.2019 there is also one

1st    3000L$

2nd   2000L$

3th   1000L$
The Hunt goes to the end of October, take a look, who gets first place with the cat goddess highscore ,will win also something great (hints in the notecard you get at the info signs on the Sim) ^^

more information here:

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