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New Dragooth Skin Released!

We have a new Skin released, Bubblegum like the one from HubbaBubba 😀 If you found any issues wrote a note to us please.

>>>You can buy it here.<<<


This does not include a whole avatar, this is just a mod for the Kemono Avatar.


Kemono body Applier
Happy Paws Axolotl Applier

I wish you much fun with this. and Thanks for buy it. ;3
If you buy it in our inworld shop. Get it always updates and a discount on the product.
This creation is
mod / copy / no transfer
If you need help, please send me a notecard, i’ll call you back as soon as possible.
I don’t do refunds, only if you bought twice the product.

©2021 / Germany

Textur design by Makunia Resident
Please respect my work and don’t use build cloners or copybots.
This creation is protected by copyrights and all abuses will result to judicial prosecutions.


Here is a small “How do set the mod correct:
➜ Attach the “Happy Paw – Axolotl head bento” 

➜ Attach the “[DF] Bubblegum Axolotl Head Mod Applier (W)” and click inject button then detach it

➜ Attach the ” – Kemono”

➜ Attach the “[DF] Bubblegum Mod Applier (W)” applier
➜ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BI-Kemono-Beast-Claws/6832073



Rezz the [ARTIFACT] Nomad Tail and drag the texture ([ARTIFACT] Nomad Tail Bubblegum) onto the object.
Rezz the [ARTIFACT] Nomad EAR and drag the texture ([ARTIFACT] Nomad EAR Bubblegum) onto the object.
collect the meshes and attach it, Done!

ColorHex underfur: #fe8ecf
ColorHex topfur: #eab0da


Have Fun!

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