New Product rly soon incoming! Here is Vira!

Welcome Costumer!

I worked many days on a new Furry Avatar for Secondlife with much Love. Here can you see the first steps on it. Vira (Vers.000.1984)

When should it be realized?

We will it release on 29.02.2018

What will it have included?
  • This Manual DE/ENG/RU/SPA/SW
  • Vir2 Head [Bento]
  • Vir2 HUD
  • Vira G Body [Bento Fitted Mesh]
  • Vira G HUD
  • Vira G Tail and Ears [Bento]
  • Full body Alpha
  • Starter clothing [Fitted]
  • Developer Clothes and Bodypartsset
  • Emote pack
  • Undeformer (in case of emergency)
  • Bonus items (with some Spezials]
  • Update card
  • head attachment guide
  • Landmark to the store

Hear soon more!

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One thought on “New Product rly soon incoming! Here is Vira!

  1. Als Alphatester kann ich hier nur sagen, definitiv nett gemacht. die beiden HUD’s sind benutzerfreundlich aufgebaut und der Avatar sieht auch echt nett aus. bisher hab ich auch keine Probleme gefunden.

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