New Produkt for Escort, Club and Hangout Owner! The [DF]…

New Produkt for Escort, Club and Hangout Owner!

The [DF] Tipjarsystem

Really easy setup your Tipjarsystem!
Rez the Box on your Land and then open it and take all Thinks in it.
When your done, rezz The Tipjarsystem on the Ground. Wait a second and allow the Question.
Then click right and open the Prim, search the Notecard in the content. Now change all Settings, what you want.
Save the notecard and your done!

When a people click on it they become a Question, “What Tipjar do you want? (❤;♂;♀;…) Once a selection is made, it rez this. It is now floating in the preset range of the person. Once he leaves the Range or leaves the Sim when derezz theTIpjar automatic.

If a People give a tip to the TIpjaruser,the user become a Visual Message on the Side with name from the tipper and how much the Amount is.

Any Question? Call Makunia Resident. And sry about my English (°3°)
* Product Features
☑LOW-LAG Script

☑Bann bad people from this TipJar then can’t they use this Tipjarsystem as Freelancer
☑ Locationamount for DJs, Groupmember and Non-Groupmember if you want.
☑ A Second Account for the Amount? Your can Split the Locationamount with a other Account!
☑Tipjartextcolor changeable
Tipjartext changeable for DJ, Groupmember and Non-Groupmember

☑ This System work with our Streamboard. When the DJ log-in the Board, they become a Tipjar automatic and when they log-off, the Tipjar derezz
☑ Aktivate the Tipjargivertext or deactivate it easy

☑Anti AFK-System with Timer
☑ you can aktivate it or deaktivate

* Statistics

– Prim total: 1 (Tipjar 1-2LI)


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