Dark Furry

New Release: *[DF] Glitch Tail*, the Second Product for the…


New Release:

*[DF] Glitch Tail*, the Second Product for the Glitch Serie. ūüėÄ
UV and Shadowmap can you find as Download in the Notecard (PSD File too :O) I wish much fun :>


Dark Furry

Product Preview:

New, 100% mesh ears.


Texture .PSDs and UV maps are included for modders. (Informationnotcard as Downloadable Link)

I wish you much fun with this. and Thanks for buy it. ;3
This creation is
mod / copy / no transfer
If you need help, please send me a notecard, i’ll call you back as soon as possible.
I don’t do refunds, only if you bought twice the product.

©2016 / Germany

2D & 3D design by Makunia Resident
Textur design by Makunia Resident
Please respect my work and don’t use build cloners or copybots.
This creation is protected by copyrights and all abuses will result to judicial prosecutions.
I don’t custom or modify the product for customers.

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