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New product released! The Line-Streamboard

Long time since we have released anything… Sorry about this. But now we have a wish from a costumer released The fuckn small Version of our bigger Streamboard. Just only 2 Lines  with Stationname and the played Title. Just 5 Landimpact and very reduced Meshcomplexity. The Scriptram use and the CPU-Time use is very very small too. So… have fun with our new product!

Just for 2 Days Promo-Day

You have our Group? Take it for free.

You are to late? No Problem, the Price is very small, just 250L$!


SHOUTcast Internet-Musicstream Board.

Individually signs in the DJ along with prefered information and graphical display of the DJ’s photo. Sets up radio stations including details about them and much more!
DJ Tipjar:
Automatically signs in the DJ with our own developed low-lag DF system.
This SHOUTcast Board is made to work with SHOUTcast 1.9.8 and 1.9.9.
Setting up the stream information for the parcel is as easy as the press of a button. Either via the DJ-Login or via choice of a radio stream.

* Product Features

  • DJ-Accessfunction (LOGIN-Club DJ’ s)
  • Low-Lag-FAP. Script: Easy to use scripts that don’t require much knowledge at all.
  • Easily set up your own text about your club and/or your club logo within the Mainconfig-Notecard.
  • Show song information
  • Show the name of the stream
  • Everything is controlled with a simple menu.
  • No setup of a complicated Config Notecard necessary anymore.
  • Multiple security preferences (Puplic, Group, Owner, Manager, DJ’ s – ACCESS)
  • Easy-One-Way Dj-Managment System. Simply rename the notecard to the DJ’s username (testuser.resident) and inside simply insert the DJ’s name along with their prefered profile picture and their stream, done!
  • Set up a radiolist with unlimited radio stations.
  • Self activating and deactivating tipjar for DJs if a FAP tipjar is set up nearby and has the option enabled.

* Statistics

  • – Prim total: 5 (+1 for the Media Controller)
  • – [8/8] aktiv Scripts, 512 KB Limit allowed Ram, 0.040592 ms CPU-Time use..
  • – TMem 5.220 kb
  • – VRAM 6.276 kb
  • – complexity 2.238
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