Schlagwort: Product

Cutie Top for Rei’s Stuff Chest

Simple and cute top for Kemono. Tintable faces allow you to customize freely. Fits Rei's Stuff Chest, not tested with other chest addons. Does NOT work with Linden or other…
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New Product for Ponys! The Basket for you Sleeptime ;)

We have new Product released for our Little Pony friends. :) The Basket for the MyLittlePony from the EP Builder. This Product is maded by a Newcomer on SL and…
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New TipJar-System Addon – Highest Donator Board!

Check out my newest Product. Its a Board where you can see the Highest ¬†Donator from your Tips in your floating [DF] Tipjar. The box includes a copyable and modifiable…
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