Allgemein Gatcha/Fair

The Hallows has begins GachaGuild

The Gachaplace SCp-Laboratory

The Gacha has already started.

Welcome to a Space themed Halloween-Gacha-Event. This Event was promoted by the Gacha-Guild, a Second-Life group made by Phoebe and AmbiQT. The maintheme is SCP, what is this? Take a look here. [GER] [ENG]

If you search the place from the Hellhund and many other creepy stuff is this Stuff the best choice. The Event end to 31. oct. 2018

Link to the Place

The link with the gachastuff

Flickr Shopingguide

SCP Themed GG Hunt

Since last week is the hunt open for so many stuff. The theme of the area is SCP. The Laboratory with many creepy shit, a riddle and a jump & die Place. Come and join the way easy to die or become many (66) free stuff.

Link to the Place

The Stuff where you can find

Flickr Hints &Pics

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