Dark Furry

What the fuck what your doing Guy?!

Sry sry  sorryyyyy D:

Yeah… its really long ago where i posted something on Facebook and co… Sry about this. (°3°) But i have many todo now.

The Server and mehh

First i have upgrade my Server for more performance to Debian8 and PhP7.5 … shame on me i have nothing tested before i made this and … what the fuck  so many thinks do not anymore work… as example from the new Streamboard the “Streaminformation” Catcher. Ist only work on PhP 5.7 and earlier Versions. So i have fixed it. Now it works really fine. 🙂 Im Happy about this. But now i will work on extensions for the Streamboard. Like… Textcolor changable via menu, Backround changable via menu… changeable Textfonts and many many more. (^v^)

Hype! The New Page for the Shop!

The Second think was the Setup a Page for Darkfurry Shop  so.. here ist the new Page :0 (KLICK) and my old pages update and some other shit… oh… im not done with the Shoppage :<

IRL is a Bastard! °~°

And the last think is, what i will tell you … today i have IRL many shit todo… I will made a further education to a IT Job. (°3°) Thanks Germany and Employment Agency for sooo many stones in my way. (>_>’)

Kind Regards


Maku =D

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