Schlagwort: Furry

New Skins released [Kemono]

O(∩_∩)O Open Species Dragooth O(∩_∩)O Hey! O(∩_∩)O New Kemono - Axolotl(HP) Released ~(>_<。)\ Christmas Special Event Skin. Buyable for 50% off on Stylecard: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a small "How…
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Cutie Top for Rei’s Stuff Chest

Simple and cute top for Kemono. Tintable faces allow you to customize freely. Fits Rei's Stuff Chest, not tested with other chest addons. Does NOT work with Linden or other…
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New Product rly soon incoming! Here is Vira!

Welcome Costumer! I worked many days on a new Furry Avatar for Secondlife with much Love. Here can you see the first steps on it. Vira (Vers.000.1984) When should it…
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