New Storeplots in Second Life available

Good experience, Bad experience

Since the Marketplace prices have risen, we have decided to become more involved in mall stores and thus support the Inworld merchandise trade. Therefore, we have as a pilot project next to our main store, 2 small rented in Furry malls. Actually, it should be 3, but we got at Just Poseball no group invite after the deposit of 1 month rent, too bad. Also, no admin from the board there was ready to answer us. Thanks to the help of Xylantis Lab we got a plot in the containment. As soon as Utilizator has finished its mall, we want to rent a plot there as well, since most Kemono users are there.

Look how beautiful!


Welcome to ETF-Mall.
Here you will find everything for and from Furry’s. Promotional boards for 30L$/week and stores for 100L$/week with 50LI. Automatic rental system. Always one contact person. Sandbox for your customers!


Your furry Cyber/Scifi venue!

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