New Mod for Otter Enthusiast

Introducing the BOM Skin for Kemono Avatar! This is a mod for the Kemono Avatar that will transform your look in Second Life. This mod includes a stylecard, BOM textures, a [DF] Otter Tail, and a Happy Paws FoxCat Applier. You’ll love the results and your friends will be impressed.

This mod is available in our inworld shop, where you’ll get updates and a discount on the product. To use the BOM Skin for Kemono Avatar, you’ll need the Kemono Avatar, the Kemono Bakes on Mesh Kit, the Happy Paw Foxcat Head Bento, and the Vixen Mod Parts Ears.

Please note that this creation is nomod/copy/no transfer, and the texture design is by Makunia Resident. This creation is protected by copyrights, so please respect the designer’s work and don’t use build cloners or copybots. If you need help, send a notecard and the designer will assist you as soon as possible. Refunds are only available if you accidentally purchase the product twice.

So, get ready to elevate your Second Life style with the BOM Skin for Kemono Avatar!

You need:

This creation is

nomod / copy / no transfer

If you need help, please send me a notecard, i’ll call you back as soon as possible.

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Textur design by Makunia Resident

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